The K-Mo Shuffle (tenchichan) wrote in xaviers_school,
The K-Mo Shuffle

In lieu of recent events...

I've decided to close this game for the time being. I knew coming back to school would prove to be busy, but I wasn't sure as to how busy it would be. I don't regret my decision, since it was a long time coming and the few of you who are still left realise that there really isn't much of a game anymore.

For now, the position of moderator is left with Meesha, if she wants it. I'll leave it up to her if she wants to continue the game or leave it for somebody else.

As far as my characters are concerned, consider both of them dropped out of Xavier's School. Elliot wasn't fitting in well, so his return to home seems understandable. Chloe has been offered a position with X-Corporation and will be leaving immediately to persue it instead of waiting for graduation. Jinx can still be used as an NPC villian or killed off at the discretion of the moderators.

Please feel free to keep in contact, I do plan on creating a new game for the summer. XS was supposed to be a summer only thing, but due to the initial reset, the scheduling got off track. Originally there was a set storyline with a beginning and an end so that it would be a complete game, with the opportunity to persue it further.

Thanks for the great game guys, the only complaint I have is that it ended before its time.
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