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The K-Mo Shuffle


Classes at Xavier's School will start Monday, November 6th!

You can still do downtime scenes at the moment, if you so wish.

We have also expanded the roster to include "The Avengers" as well! If you'd like to send in an application, please try to do it this week while we're waiting to start.

You can apply with as many characters as you think you will be able to handle.

Later this week I will be making an OOC community, so please watch this space. After the OOC community is created, there will be friends add lists and AIM lists for everyone to use as a resource.

I would LIKE to do a full group scene when the game launches, but it depends on how many people are available on monday evenings. If all else fails, we can do the opening ceremonies as a message board thread.

I have plenty in store for this game, I'm hoping that in time, each of your characters will have some fun and entertaining storylines to play with. We WILL be going to the Savage Land at one point, and we WILL see some outer space action as well. I'm hoping to make this as much like the comics as possible.

And also, if you have any friends or people who might be interested, drop them a line and tell them about us! Community promotion means more students and more characters and more chances to have a good time.

Looking forward to next week!
-The Management
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