The K-Mo Shuffle (tenchichan) wrote in xaviers_school,
The K-Mo Shuffle


Just making a few changes guys.

I'm still considering tomorrow as our official launch date.

HOWEVER, I realised I won't be available tomorrow evening to play. I've got a term paper to write (and it's gunna suck ass.) I won't be available Tuesday either, due to evening classes.

Classes at Xavier's School will now start on Wednesday. Sometime in the evening I'll probably do a group chat with whoever is available. Meanwhile, I'll also throw up a message board styled scene as well.

A new ruling has been made. You are allowed to NPC any characters that your character has a relation to, provided said character isn't already being played by someone else. For example, Matthew will be allowed to NPC Psylocke, since his character Night Bane is Psylocke's son. However, I will not be able to NPC Spider-Man, even though I'm playing his daughter, because Dan is playing as Spider-Man.

However, if you decide you want to take the character on permanently, you'll be forced to do an application proper. And also, you must be willing to give up said NPC if someone else applies to play as them.

Can't wait to get playing!
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