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First Day of Class//Open

She waited until everyone had taken their seats and paper stopped rustling before she began. It wasn't her usual classroom, Deah preferred a more forum like setting with desk pushed to the perimeter; this was fine too. Two times a week, two and a half hours a day in a large lecture hall in the Worthington Building that was made to accommodate three hundred students. It was the beginning of the semester and the course was new, there wasn't an empty seat in the place, but she knew as the year progressed students would drop or worse yet just stop attending. It didn't particularly bother her, but to be able to graduate from the Institute students needed a passing grade.

She climbed the steps to the top of the room and as she descended she handed off a stack of papers to each row: the dreaded syllabus. Once at the lower level she made her way behind the desk to the over head projector, that was currently displaying a big blank square, until she put up the first slide.

"It is important to become acquainted with your professors, so allow me to introduce myself. My name is Doctor Deah Cooper," she began, "And I am a graduate of Xavier's Institute. I completed my undergraduate studies at New York University, receiving my Bachelors in psychology, biochemistry and psychiatric sciences. From there I transferred to Empire State University where I received my doctorate in neurological surgery," she felt a buzz in the back of her mind as the students listened intently to her brief background, "Yes, I was awarded a Nobel Prize in Mutant Sciences. My studies can be found in the E.S.U. medical journals, for all of those who are interested."

"This is Power Classes and Categories. Firstly before we begin, I'd like to stress that my office is always open, it is located in MacTaggart A, off of the med lab. For some of you this class will be challenging, it is up to you to maintain your studies and seek extra help if you find your grades less than desirable. "

"We will meet here, Tuesdays and Thursday from 9:00 am until 11:30 am. As the semester progresses, I will offer a few additional study sessions in the library, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it." She pointed to the top of the slide, which was the same as the syllabus, "There is my e-mail and office phone number, please make note."

"Homework will be assigned for each chapter from the text and will be collected. Doing the homework will benefit the student. Some of the exam problems may be similar to the homework problems. Prior to each lecture, it is expected that the student will have read the appropriate chapters. Reading the material ahead of time will facilitate the learning process. There will be unannounced quizzes given at the beginning of class, based upon the reading. "

"There will be five exams and a final. The final will be cumulative. The material on the exam will be based on lectures, the text, and videos shown during the lectures. If you do not attend a regularly scheduled exam the grade given for that exam will be 0. THERE ARE NO MAKE-UP EXAMS," Her expression was stoic as many students groaned audibly.

"If you miss a class there will not be an opportunity to make up the work. Acts of academic dishonesty during the exams will result in a grade of E for the course. I just want to make thing one clear: there will be no use of powers during any of my classes. That includes the use of telepathy, teleportation of test answers or exams, reality altering abilities, conjuring of answers, heightened vision, etc. I promise you I will find out."

There was a rustling of paper as the class flipped to the next page, while Deah changed slide, "The grading scale will be much more rigorous compared to the particularly lax system in place at Xavier's. I do not give pluses or minuses. An A is 100% to 93%, a B: 92% to 81% and a C is 80% to 72%. Because you all need a C or better anything below 72% will be considered failing.

"Exams are worth a total of 200 points, for a total of 1,000 points. Miscellaneous test and quizzes will be worth a total of 500 points. The final is worth 1,000 points and will make up 40% of your final grade. Please note the last day to withdrawal and the dates of all of the exams," she plucked the final slide off the projector and laid it on her neatly arranged desk, the page making a right angle flush with the corner. She stood once more and paced the front of the classroom.

Deah came back to the projector with a felt tip marker in hand, "Lets begin shall we." She wrote on the slide OMEGA LEVEL MUTANTS (Ω), then recapped her pen and stood.

"Omega-level mutant is a designation for a certain powerful class of super-powered individuals to indicate Mutants with the ability (or potential) to exist beyond the boundaries of physical existence. Being able to control matter and energy on the sub-molecular scale, as well as having a body capable of withstanding such power levels without external help, are requirements to meeting this classification. "

"The term was originally coined for the mutants who pose the greatest threat, but Professor X optimistically changed the definition for those with unlimited potential in their powers. Those with omega (the last) potential are the ones closest to reaching a final stage of evolution. Whether their potential results in they themselves turning into Phoenixes (like Jean Grey) or their descendants doing so, within Omega-level mutants lies the potential to bring about the end."

"Only a few mutants in the entire population have been confirmed as Omega-level," she made her way back to the projector to scribble down a list, "These include: Elixir, Iceman, Franklin Richards, Jean Grey, Kid Omega, Mister M, Mr. Immortal, Rachel Summers and Vulcan."

She then wrote ALPHA LEVEL MUTANTS (A), "The next designation...for a class of mutant who have a greater level of power than most mutants. While most lower-level mutations might only affect the outward appearance, alpha-level mutants may possess enhanced strength, energy manipulation, agility, ability to heal, etc. Their powers, however, are not as great as omega-level mutants..." she took a long pause in speaking to jot down another list, there was a flurry of paper rustling as the students tried to keep up.

* Abyss
* Archangel
* Arjan Vollenhoven
* Aurora
* Beast
* Bishop
* Cable
* Cannonball
* Chloe Athens-Vollenhoven
* Colossus
* Cyclops
* Danielle Moonstar
* Deah Cooper
* Emma Frost
* Forge
* Gambit
* Havok
* Horsemen of Apocalypse
* Jubilee
* Magma
* Magneto
* Northstar
* Oni Sutherland
* Polaris
* Professor X
* Psylocke
* Rogue
* Shadow King
* Storm **
* Sunfire
* Sunspot
* Wolverine

Deah made special note next to Storms name, "This is has been theorized by Ironman that she is predicted to reach Omega status very soon." She continued despite the vigorous note taking, "Other classes include Beta and Delta Epsilon. Your text goes into further detail about these classes," walking up the aisle again to pass out a second sheet of paper.

"Your first assignment. I want you all to write a seven page paper outlining the different classes, then focusing upon one of the mutants I have listed, please only pick from the Omega and Alpha. I want you use three different sources, not including your text. An interview with an X-Man will count." She looked at the hands that were raising, "No, you cannot write your thesis on me." Deah made her way to the front of the room again, her face lifted in a smile, "Now, does anyone have any questions?"
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