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Gwen was hitching her way across America all the way to Xavier's School. Hitching was something she'd done many times before in the past. She found herself this time sitting in the passenger seat of semi truck delivering food to some grocerie store.

The truck driver, Stan, was nice enough to help her out and thankfully wasn’t hitting on her. The last driver she hitched a ride with was trying to get onto her and even proposed to marry her. While she was flattered by the offer, Gwen had no interest in this man and quickly left to find a different ride. Not that getting to this area of New York was easy by hitching. It was out of the city after all, and some drivers didn’t have any interest in having passengers. But Gwen was lucky, she found a decent man to have nothing more then a conversation with who was heading in the right direction, able to drop her off a mere mile from where this school was she was heading to.

Stan didn’t ask too many personal questions, he was content to talk about himself and any other subject that crossed his mind. He did however mention Jesus and the Lord a few times, and when Gwen failed to respond, Stan began to question her about faith.

“You have faith?” Stan asked. “You have Jesus with you?”

Gwen wanted to giggle and blurt out something funny, she had a few ideas of what to say, but she knew each of those jokes might offend Stan. She had to bite her tongue not to blurt up she has Jesus cut up and packed in her duffle bag. They only had a few more miles to go to their destination and she didn’t want him to be uncomfortable or offended by her strange personality. There was a temptation to mess with Stan that was nearly overwhelming, but she didn’t want to act overly enthusiastic either.

“Oh yes, I believe in the Lord.” Gwen said with a smile, lying through her teeth, “I don’t always get to church living on the road, but I say my prayers and read my bible. The lord Protects me.” Gwen patted her duffle bag for added emphasis, as if this was where her supposed bible was held.

“Halleluiah” Stan exclaimed, apparently believing her deception. Lying and conning people usually did come natural to Gwen. How he believed this metal pierced Goth chick hitching a ride on the highway really was a poor little church girl was beyond her, but somehow he was convinced. Gwen was not in the mood to talk about faith or God of course, but she was dependant on his semi at the moment.

Gwen listened as Stan started to tell her his encounter with the Lord and how he found God while driving his truck through some storm. Gwen smiled pleasantly and gave her own responses of “Praise Jesus” still only humoring him while acting like she believed and was into what he was saying. While he focused on driving she reached into her duffle bag and began fishing out some things, a set of nails and copper wiring, some plastic beads from a Mardi Gras necklace, and rose petals.

Stan continued to talk, occasionally with a question or observation of his own, but Gwen had stopped paying attention as she worked on creating a cross. Stan asked her what she was making finally.

“It’s for you, to protect and keep the Lord with you.” Gwen smiled sweetly, lying yet again. She wrapped the wire and petals around the nails, strung the beads through the wire. Stan was quieter for the ride as he watched as she fashioned what could be just a simple cross, possibly as a necklace or hung from the dashboard. It was cheaply made obviously, nothing particularly special from outward appearance, but it was no simple cross, not with Gwen’s talents. Gwen found some string to make it into a necklace for him once the cross itself was finished.

Gwen finally presented the cross to Stan, who readily accepted it. She insisted on putting it on him, and luckily he agreed. The instant he put it on, Stan’s eyes and face lit up with light for a second, and he got a glazed look to him. The necklace was acting as a mind control device, making him accept her commands and leaving him with little recollection once the she was out of the necklaces presence. It was keyed to her voice only, the rose petals made sure of that.

“Stan, can we be quiet for the rest of the trip?” Gwen asked the man, whose gaze seemed glassy eyed but otherwise he was completely aware and still competent.

“Yes” he responded.

“Grand, drive on then.” Now Stan could take her all the way to this school in silence. What a lucky thing that was for her.
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