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To All Students and Staff

Attention all students and staff.

As a teacher, nothing gives me more joy than to see one of my students grow and make something of themselves. Therefore, it is with great pride that I announce that Dr. Deah Cooper is to be this year's recipiant of the McTaggart Award for Excellence in Mutant Sciences. This is a very prestigious award and an extraordinary honor for Dr. Cooper.

Dr. Cooper will recieve said award tomorrow night during the "Alliance of Mutants Award for Excellence" ceremony.

Due to the X-Men's attendance at the event, evening classes for tomorrow evening will be cancelled. Any assignments due will not be due until the next class period.

Logan will be in charge of the students for the duration of the ceremony. We expect you to be on your best behavior. Logan has been given full detention authority and I assure you he is not a person you would wish to upset.

The event will be televised and a small viewing party will take place in main hall recreation room. Refreshments will be served.

And once more, let me extend congratulations to Dr. Cooper for all of her achievements.
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