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McTaggart Award for Excellence in the Field of Mutant Sciences

The band left the stage in all sorts of disarray, mutant award statues in hand, as a man approached the podium. His signature blue hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail as tufts of fur poked out on all sides of his tuxedo. He simply buldged out of his suit, his massive hands reaching for a pair of small reading glasses which he affixed to his snout. He leaned forward and began his speech.

"In the field of science, there have been several women who have made outstanding discoveries, several women who have made the impossible seem possible. We honor Marie Curie, we honor Jane Goodall, we honor Moria McTaggart and tonight we honor a mutant whose achievements and honors are so numerous, they seem impossible to count. When I first met Dr. Deah Cooper, she was but a young woman, a fledgling academic with little control over her powers. With time, however, I am proud to say she may yet even surpass myself in honor. It is a defeat I take with grace and pride, for I know one day she will indeed change the world."

"It is with great joy and deepest pride that I present this, the McTaggart Award for Excellence in the Field of Mutant Sciences to Dr. Deah Cooper."

The audience erupted in a cacophany of applause and cheers.

((OOC: There are two threads for this event. All the adult characters will be at this thread, all of the children will be at the next one.))
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