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McTaggart Award for Excellence in the Field of Mutant Sciences

The band left the stage in all sorts of disarray, mutant award statues in hand, as a man approached the podium. His signature blue hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail as tufts of fur poked out on all sides of his tuxedo. He simply buldged out of his suit, his massive hands reaching for a pair of small reading glasses which he affixed to his snout. He leaned forward and began his speech.

"In the field of science, there have been several women who have made outstanding discoveries, several women who have made the impossible seem possible. We honor Marie Curie, we honor Jane Goodall, we honor Moria McTaggart and tonight we honor a mutant whose achievements and honors are so numerous, they seem impossible to count. When I first met Dr. Deah Cooper, she was but a young woman, a fledgling academic with little control over her powers. With time, however, I am proud to say she may yet even surpass myself in honor. It is a defeat I take with grace and pride, for I know one day she will indeed change the world."

"It is with great joy and deepest pride that I present this, the McTaggart Award for Excellence in the Field of Mutant Sciences to Dr. Deah Cooper."

The audience erupted in a cacophany of applause and cheers.

((OOC: There are two threads for this event. All the adult characters will be at this thread, all of the children will be at the next one.))
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She was sitting with the other X-Men at their reserved table when Hank came out to present the award. Deah sat up listening to her formers mentor's every word. When he finished she stepped away from her chair and made her way to the stage. She looked radiant, but only a few days before there was an exchange of heated words with Emma about her attire. Deah wanted something more practical, a lab coat for instance, while Emma insisted on something a little more glamorous. The White Queen had pulled a few strings and was able to procure a Janet Pym original. A psychic battle ensued and Deah won she would not be wearing high heals, but the dress had to be altered. It was a whole big debacle better forgot, but none the less the good doctor looked nice.

Deah crossed the stage, closing the distance between her and Hank. She took his large blue hand into hers, as she leaned forward and kissed his cheak before accepting the award. The statue was much heavier than it looked and it took both hands to weild it. But thankfully she didn't have to deal with an acceptance speech written on a napkin and folded thirty times, she had all the words already prepared.

Hesitantly she leaned into the microphone, "Greatness is a transitory experience. It is never consistent. It depends in part upon the myth-making imagination of humankind. The person who experiences greatness must have a feeling for the myth he is in. He must reflect what is projected upon him. And he must have a strong sense of the sardonic. This is what uncouples him from belief in his own pretensions. The sardonic is all that permits him to move within himself. Without this quality, even occasional greatness will destroy a man." Then with a nod, "Thank you."

Soon the music flared up again and Beast was ushering Deah off stage for a photo opportunity. Fifteen or twenty minutes later Deah returned to the table where her colleagues sat. Before she reclaimed her chair, she scowled, "If you make me do that again, I swear I will...." she trailed off and just shook her head, before hefting the heavy statuette onto the table with a bit of a thud.
When Deah returned to the table, Chloe leaned over and hugged her shoulders slightly, whispering a word of congratulations in her ear and smiling sweetly.
Oni had been quiet since he'd settled at the table, his packet of cigarettes and lighter had been settled by his right hand and his eyes had taken to sweeping across the room. It was an old habit and those were always the hardest to break.

Given that it was a black tie event, Oni had suited himself up for the occasion. One dark suit, tailor fitted, white shirt, black tie and silver cufflinks. More control meant more freedom with attire and Oni never once took it for granted because he had known what it was like to have every inch of his skin covered for days, weeks, and years.

He watched Deah approach the podium and listened to her speech, clapping along with the rest of the crowd until the applause died away. He nodded to Deah, "congratulations," before he picked up his cigarettes and looked at the table. "Does anyone mind?"
Arjan shrugged at Oni's question, "I don't see why not. The way people are reacting, you would think that Dr. Cooper had already cured cancer.". He was always more jovial when Oni was present, as their friendship meant a great deal to him, and Oni's more humanitarian approach had probably been one of Arjan's more positive influences in all his years in the states.
He, himself, took a single black cigarette from his case and lit it, taking a long draw and expelling the smoke slowly, taking an almost subliminal effort to expel the smoke away from his wife as she embraced the recipient of tonight's award.
He looked around the room, taking in the sight of the modern world's scientific elite, and wondered to himself if there was anything that they couldn't achieve between them, if given the correct incentive.
"I haven't had much time to catch up since you returned, old friend, I hope you have been well? I could do with a word when you have the chance. I have an opportunity I think you might want to think about." he added, a gentle smile appearing on his face as he looked at one of the few people he would ever call 'friend'.
Oni's lips twitched at Arjan's comment and he tried very hard to stop himself from laughing. Oni had never expected to have Arjan as a friend but he wouldn't change it for anything in the world. Arjan was almost everything he wasn't and his confidence had never failed to make Oni feel comfortable in his skin when he'd been younger.

He slid a cigarette between his lips, ducked his head and lit the very tip then snapped the lighter shut and exhaled the first stream of smoke away from the table. "Yeah, my apologies. Just been busy with getting used to being back." A smile caught his lips and he nodded. "I'm good, glad to be back and looking forward to getting back into the swing of things."

Oni slid his eyes to Chloe then back to Arjan, he knew his friend had been having some problems and a single flicker of his eyebrow would be enough to signal to Arjan that Oni was inquiring how things were.

Tapping ash out into a nearby ashtray, he turned and gave his friend his full attention when Arjan mentioned an opportunity. "Of course, say when and where and we can talk." He'd clear whatever he had to be sure he could meet up with Arjan.
Flicking his eyes to his wife briefly, than back, Arjan rolled his eyes before replying, "Things are... being dealt with in their own time.", risking a quick glance towards Emma Frost's position at the table and shrugging.

Grabbing a martini from the table, he took a gentle sip from the glass, and picked out the cocktail stick, examining the green olive at the end briefly before it disappeared into his mouth and he ate it, savouring the flavour. "Imported from the valley of Messina, you know?", he stated. Arjan was used to a world where only the best would do, and his enthusiasm for this lifestyle was always tangible when a function was held at the institute, though not necessarily appropriate when you factor the schooling aspect of the building.

"If you weren't too busy tomorrow afternoon, that would be an excellent time to meet?"
Oni's sharp gaze travelled from Arjan to Emma then a slight nod was given. Oni had never been that verbal whilst he'd been younger so he learned how to use everything else and fortunately Arjan had learned how to read him like a book.

"I'll have to take your word on that," Oni shared with a chuckle. He really didn't have the first idea about where the alcohol or the olive came from, was just glad it was there at all but that was Oni for you. He seemed to run a brief mental check on what he had on for tomorrow then offered Arjan a smile, a real genuine one that he only gave to people close to him. "That'll be fine."
"Now, now," Emma sat forward in her seat, lifting her elbows on to the table as she leaned in. "You really ought to give Deah more credit, Arjan. Don't you think you give her a hard enough time?" Deah observed the younger man through lowered lashes. She then turned from him and regarded Scott. "Hank is going to have to think twice if he thinks he deserves all the credit for our dear doctor," Emma whispered over her shoulder and then flashed him smile.
She leaned back in her chair almost rocking in it. Gloved hands lifted her to mouth to supress a very large yawn. While Rogue loved to dress up an award ceremony wasn't exactly her idea of fun and she thought Deah was just plain weird, that meant a lot comming from the X-men field leader because it was her job deal with weird. She lifted her glass of red win and took a sip, leaving a lipstick trace on the rim of the glass. Holding the glass close to her chest, she leaned over to Jinx and muttered, "Talk about snoresville. At least there's a bar." A gloved hand trailed to the mound of curls that were piled on top of her head, fluffing up one side, "Ah can't wait to get outta this dress."