Paradox (xs_paradox) wrote in xaviers_school,

Babysitting- Part 2

Gaining access to the Xavier's Institute was just about the easiest thing ever for James Arthurs to do. Although the school boasted superior technology and high class survellience equipment, he had an easy way to bipass it all. Retina scans and even gene sequencers would read him as being Jamie Madrox, otherwise known as Multiple Man, because technically the man named Paradox WAS a part of Jamie Madrox. The gates opened slowly as Paradox walked through casually. He clicked a button on his earpiece and said "Paradox to Psion, I am in the perimeter. Move out and locate the cerebro files. I'll create a diversion."

With a snap of his fingers he split into two people. The first Paradox looked at the second and said, "Are you ready for this?"

"Ready as I'll ever be," said the duplicate with a sigh. Paradox pulled out a pistol and shot his duplicate in the leg. He howled out in pain as a third duplicate was produced.

"That looks painful," said the third dupe with a smirk.

"Shut up," said the wounded dupe.

"Let's make haste," said Paradox as he reabsorbed the third duplicate into his body. The wounded duplicate nodded and walked over the intercom. "Is anyone there?" he asked into the speaker.

Meanwhile, inside the living room, Wolverine picked up the signal coming from the speaker in the hallway. He said nothing as he wandered out of the television room and answered the call. "Yeah?" he said.

Shit. It was Wolverine's voice. This was going to be tricky. He had counted on the kids being left alone or with some non-threat, but Wolverine alone could bring the entire operation to a screeching halt. "W-wolverine?" said the dupe. "It's Jamie Madrox. I've been wounded..."

Logan sighed and said, "Madrox? You been wounded? This ain't a hospital you know."

"I know," he said as he gulped for air. "Please, I had nowhere else to go. Someone's after me... is Xavier here?"

"Nah, he's gone," said Logan. "Look, stay put I'll come get ya." He ended communications and returned to the room. "Alright, everyone," he said as he clicked the mute button on the television. "We got a guest arriving at the mansion. Somethin' ain't right about it so I want you to stay out of the way. You can stay here if you want or return to your rooms, but I don't want ya to be walkin' around the hallways or anything. You got it?"

Logan walked out of the room and ran across the school grounds in a sprint. By the time he had gotten to the gates, the dupe had passed out from the loss of blood. He quickly scooped the body up and bolted to the medlab. "You sure did make a mess of yourself," said Logan as he began to field dress the wound.

What he wasn't expecting however was the dupe to spring to life and pull a knife out on him. The vibranium blade hit Wolverine right between the shoulder blades, sending a spray of blood against the walls.

"Son of a..." trailed Wolverine as he popped adamantium claws from his knuckles. He quickly leapt at the duplicate, slicing him in his good leg. He squeeled out in pain as Wolverine followed through with a kick to the gut. The kick to the gut created a second duplicate. He reached behind him and pulled out the blade, throwing it to the ground in a clatter. "Talk," he demanded as he brandished his claws and swung them wildly into the duplicate's face.

"Go ahead and lop my head off, won't make any difference. Neither of us are the original. By this point the school is swarming with us. Think you can take us all out, old man?" he said as he lunged at Wolverine.

Wolverine quickly stabbed the duplicate through the throat and gently placed him on the ground, hoping not to cause another duplication by the impact. The wound in his back was irritated by the vibranium and not healing as quickly as he would have liked. He limped over to the panel on the wall and pressed a button. "This is Wolverine. Mansion security has been breached. All students make your way to the nearest safety zone. Stick together and if you see anyone you don't recognize, give 'em hell."
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