Professor Charles Xavier (xs_xavier) wrote in xaviers_school,
Professor Charles Xavier


To all X-Men

In lieu of recent events I have taken to making a few changes. I will be resuming responsibility as president of this institute effective immediately. Emma and Scott will continue their roles as headmasters of the school. Scott will also be in charge of the main X-Men team, focusing on all aspect of being an X-Men.

Rogue will be the leader of an additional, rapid response team. It is clear that this new Brotherhood is bothe deadly and tenacious. I am letting Rogue decide who she wants for her team, giving her pick of staff and students alike. The students at the Westchester Academy have all been brought in because their abilities would make them effective X-Men. It is time we start to train them on the field as well.

If anyone has any questions, please visit with me during office hours.

To all Students

In lieu of recent events, there will be some changes made to security and operation of this school. It is now imperative that you learn to not only defend yourself, but to work as a team.

In the coming week, a few of you may be transferred to other academies, in hopes that you can continue your schooling in a less hostile environment. The rest of you will be pushed to the limit, physically and mentally, in a rigorous training course. You will learn defensive and offensive manuevers and will participate in real missions, under the care and protection of your teachers.

Therefore, I will be leaving a sheet of paper outside of my office to take nominations for Junior X-Men leaders. This will be handled like any other school election, with candidates able to campaign and students allowed to vote on the matter. If you are intereseted you are encouraged to run.

I would also like to express how proud I am of all of you. You handled the attack very well and as a result, there were no injuries.
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