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Xavier's School for the Gifted
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Welcome to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters

Created by: tenchichan
Moderated by: tenchichan meesha
Revised October 2006 by: tenchichan
Out of Character Community : xs_ooc

Charles Xavier had a dream, a dream that one day mutants and humans would share this world as equals.

Twenty years ago, Charles Xavier achieved his dream.

STORY: After a long struggle, mutantkind and humankind were able to finally come together peacefully thanks to the efforts of Charles Xavier. To achieve this goal he combined the goodwill of his X-Men team with marketing and advertisments to create the idea of mutant as celebrity. Using this newfound fame, his dream was finally achieved and his School for Gifted Youngsters became a franchise.

Twenty years later, the youngest students at his school have all grown up to become to next generation of X-Men, while an even younger generation has come to the schools seeking help to control their powers. While there are schools all over North America and parts of Europe, the original Westchester Academy remains an elite academy, which serves as the training grounds of the next generation of X-Men. The students at this academy are the best of the best, many of which are the children of former X-Men themselves.

However, although the two races are at peace, it does not mean the world is yet safe for mutants. Various mutant hate groups, although small in size, still exist and a new, more radical, Brotherhood of Mutants has just begun to make their presence known, in deadly ways.

This is a high caliber role-playing game loosely structered around the X-Men Comicverse. The players in the game take on the roles of originally made mutants who are enrolled at Xavier's School. The RPG will focus on action-based missions, social character interaction and being thrust into the public limelight. The media will play a vital role in this RPG, many actions that a player does may end up in the tabloids under such headings as "Alcohol Use Rampant at Xaviers" or such things like that.

This game runs rapidly, not unlike a comic book. Chapters are like storyarcs and a couple of games would go together to make an "issue." If you are not prepared to do a comic-heavy RP, then please do not join. We are looking for people who can juggle both combat and character development at a rapid pace. Information on the setting can be found here

To apply for the RPG e-mail NoNeedForPirates(at)Yahoo.com with the following info.

Your name:
Your Livejournal: [optional]
Your AIM screenname:
Your e-mail:
How did you hear about us?:

Known Relatives:
Distinguishing Characteristics:
Extent/Limitation of Powers/Abilities:
History: [Detailed is best.]

Personality: [Detailed is best.]
First-person writing sample:
Third-person writing sample:

Canon or OC:
If canon, and obscure, please note which last comic they were last seen in:

Played by:


We are currently accepting applications for the following types of characters

The teaching staff of Xavier's School for Higher Learning are comprised of various retired X-Men who have dedicated their lives to working with the next generations of X-Men. These are all to be canon X-Men characters such as Emma Frost, Cyclops, Kitty Pryde, etc.

The current roster of X-Men are comprised of former students who have worked their way into the position. They will also be responsible to an extent for helping the current students in the field and with various assignments. These characters can be either canon or original. We will also allow characters from the original "Xavier's School" game to be brought in as adult X-Men. These will be characters such as Jubilee, Husk, Cannonball, Moonstar, Hellion, X-23, etc

The students at this particular school are all original characters, many of whom are "legacy" characters, meaning they are the children of canon superheroes. These can be the children of ANY Marvel Superhero, or can simply just be original characters with no ties to canon.

The new, younger, more radical Brotherhood of Mutants are the most diverse group, allowing original characters, legacy characters AND canon characters.

The Avengers, the Earth's Mightiest Heroes, are now available as characters as well. For the most part, we are looking for Canon characters to fill in the roster, but will be open for exceptional OCs.

Cast of Characters

X-Men/Teaching Staff
Character Livejournal Powers Player
Emma Frost/White Queen frost_ Telepathy/Diamond Skin Meesha
Anna Raven/Rogue reckless_rogue Power Absorption Meesha
Scott Summers/Cyclops xs_cyclops Optic Blasts Mands
Logan (James Howlett)/Wolverine xs_wolverine Healing Factor/Adamantium Claws Kris
Victoria Draven/Jinx j1nx Teleportation of Objects Kris
Deah Cooper/Hack telepathology telepathy/neural mutation Meesha
Oni Sutherland/Shimmer imlivingmylife Precognative by Touch Mands
Chloe Athens-Vollenhoven/Monarch mutant_monarch Butterfly/Moth Abilities Kris
Arjan Vollenhoven/Torrent acclimatize Hyper Defenses Alan

Character Livejournal Powers Player
Jane Parker/Arachne xs_arachne Telekinetic "spider" abilities Kris
Winston Connelly/K-9 xs_k9 Canine Animorph Meesha
Sabriel Lily Pierce/Mirage xs_mirage Illusions Nicola
Will Braddock/Night Bane xs_nightbane Darkforce Control Matthew
Robert Robia (Reyes) xs_prodigalson Agility/Animal features Wally
Kavan Gallo/Chimaera xs_chimaera Sound/lifeforce absorption Alan
Simon Turner/Grav-Force all_relative Gravity Control Mands
Gwen/Dreamcrafter xs_dreamcrafter Gadgeteering Matthew

The Brotherhood of Mutants
Character Livejournal Powers Player
James Arthurs/Paradox xs_paradox Multiplication Kris
Brody Keller /Gloria Klyne/Psion xs_psion Possession/Telekinesis Matthew

The Avengers
Character Livejournal Powers Player
Peter Parker/Spider-Man xs_spider_man Does whatever a spider can Dan
Bill Kaplan/Wiccan not yet available Spell-casting Meesha
Logan (James Howlett)/Wolverine xs_wolverine Healing Factor/Adamantium Claws Kris

Other Important Journals

Media Feed - xs_media
Charles Xavier - xs_xavier
NPC Journal - xs_npc

Rules for the RP:

1. We have instituted a two-strike policy. The first time you god-mode/mary-sue and we notice, we'll warn you. The second time, in case of an original character they will be killed off, and in case of a canon character they will be reassigned.

2. Applicants may apply as many times as possible until accepted.

3. No God-Moding

4. No Mary-Sueing

5. Players should be 14 and up.

6. Original Characters can be any age between 13 and 25.

7. Post character thoughts in seperate livejournal. Post chat logs or announcements to the rest of the "school" through the community. Any out of character announcements should be tagged OOC. Any chat logs posted MUST be under and LJ-cut.

8. Chat Logs do not have to be posted for every scene, but must be for any important scene.

9. Treat all players with respect, see a moderator if this rule is broken. (Drama will NOT be tolerated)

10. You can have as many characters as you can handle

11. Legacy Characters are on a first come/first served basis. New legacy characters related to existing game characters must either go by what is established already in the game, or work with the established player over details. Established players will always have the last call over what happens to their characters.

This game is now once again accepting applications. Please send them in!