Siran Nils // Glo (xs_glo) wrote in xaviers_school,
Siran Nils // Glo

curtain call?

This was the first X-men RPG I've enjoyed in a while. It really got me into journal/AIM games and I like the people who write here a lot. The concept is good and so are most of the characters. Playing Jean, however sparsely, has been fun too since I'd never tried before. Mands - your Scott is cool, even if he doesn't talk <3. Again, lots of fun. I can't tell you how much I miss XS being active.

I'm not going to bash you, Kris. I know what it means to have a life and be social. I completely understand that being online with people you never see isn't a priority in the larger scheme of things. But to be completely honest, this game hinges on the mods. You control the baddies, you control the entire plot, and there's not much else that we the players have been able to do to get the RPG on a roll because we can't interfere with whatever plans you have. And it's been at least two weeks since the last post from you on the game board. I personally don't feel the drive to write a gazillion meaningless scenes for months, I can't. I live through enough meaningless crap and that's not what I come online for. I need something to get my mind working...and I'm not finding it here.

So, you've probably guessed it. This is yet another good bye. I love my chars, they were fun to play, but there is no play right now. And I don't see the sense in sticking around if there isn't. If you get started again (like for real) and you need a strong player or two, give me an IM. I'd be happy to return. But for now, it's adios amigos.

Hanging out with you guys was good times. Please please IM me whenever you're bored. Losing touch sucks a lot.


(assume Noe went to check out that monastery and Siran's off with her Aunt, unsure of her return. I suppose Jean can be out doing something. She's cool like that.)
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