Professor Charles Xavier (xs_xavier) wrote in xaviers_school,
Professor Charles Xavier

Welcome Back (OPEN TO ALL)

Charles Xavier sat in his wheelchair on the freshly cut lawns of the Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning. The usual opening day chaos was just about to start, but per tradition, nothing was official until he gave his famous opening day speech. He rolled up to the podium, cleared his throat and began.

"Students, parents, teachers and X-Men, I am Professor Charles Xavier. I welcome you all today to join me for the coming semester at Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning," he paused a second to wait for the applause to die down.

"This year I would like to take time to honor those who had come before by welcoming some new additions to our teaching staff. As you may well know, amongst us are some of my former students, Dr. Deah Cooper, Professor Oni Southerland, Professor Victoria Draven and Professor Chloe Athens-Vollenhoven. They will be joining my teaching staff this year and are here for the students whenever it is needed. As former students of this very academy their insight may prove to be an asset whenever needed."

"As students at Xavier's School you will be put to the test, but along the way you will make lifelong friends and learn not only how to use your powers for the benefit of mankind, but how to be a better human being."

He paused for a second to let the photographers take a couple of pictures. The media frenzy surrounding opening ceremonies were no longer as grand as they once were. He assumed they were mostly after getting shots of the more famous X-Men, who were standing beside him.

"Now, the facilities are completely open for both parent and student to explore. Once you recieve your room assignments and have moved your belongings, you are free to roam the campus and tour the facilities. There is plenty of food for everyone, please take as much as you would like."

"And on behalf of my staff and myself, I want once more to welcome you to Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning. Welcome home."

And with one more round of applause, the students and parents all went off in seperate directions, moving items and meeting one another. Xavier smiled and welcomed some of the returning students, and then hastly made his way into the mansion for a conference call with Warren Worthington.
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