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Mutant Award Ceremony-Part 2

Julie Slepnir got the short end of the mutant stick. While her mutation gave her super strength and durability on a near omega level, it left her body small, meek and childlike. Although she was nearly thirty, she looked not a day over ten years old, and it caused her much heartache in life. She had met Charles Xavier once during her sole year as a student at his Seattle school, but he had no answers for her. He told her that they would do everything to help her adjust to her life and to harness her abilities, but gave no promise of helping her to continue to age. So Julie sought answers elsewhere, in a much darker place. And while the Brotherhood of Mutants was not able to help her either, they at least helped her to let out some of her built up agression.

She fiddled with her earpiece and spoke quietly as she approached the front of the building. "This is Lolita, I am in position," she said. There was a hiss from her earpiece and then a follow up, "Chaos to Lolita, you are clear to move out." The small girl walked timidly through the front doors only to be stopped by guards.

"I'm sorry young lady, you can't come in here," said the first guard.

"But my mommy's in there and I'm lost," said Lolita as she pretended to sniffle.

"Oh, um, okay who is your mommy?" asked the second guard.

"Emma," she said with a fake hiccup, "Emma Frost."

"I didn't know Emma Frost had any kids," said the first guard to the other. "Alright little girl, I'll escort you. Follow me."

Lolita followed the guard as he took her past the press outside and through the ornate lobby that lead into the hall that the ceremony was taking place at. He opened the door carefully and walked the small girl inside. "Alright, do you see your mommy?" he asked.

"Yeah," she said. "Thanks for letting me in." Her voice no longer had the sweet, innocent tone of a child, but the hardened voice of a criminal. The guard would have noticed it eventually had she not leapt up and crushed his spine with her bare hands. She quickly grabbed his pistol from its holster and started firing wildly into the crowd. "Alright everyone!" she screamed. "It's time to pay the fucking piper!"

Meanwhile as she fired into the crowd, a second mutant came in repelling through the ceiling. Abigail Nerissa's skin was pale and she had dark circles under both eyes. Her powers gave her the ability to cause complete and utter chaos. She hung upside down from a thin line as she pulled out a device from her pocket. She turned the two ends of the small, bomb like device and threw it down into the middle of the audience.

It went off quickly in a flash as a pulse of energy began to fill the room. One by one, all of the audience members who carried a mutant x-gene fell to the floor, save for the Brotherhood who had already taken measures to protect themselves from the harmful ray. The mutants would not die, only be knocked unconcious for some time.

As soon as the device began to work, Jinx quickly leapt from the table, knocking over a few drinks and jinxed the device with her powers, sending the pieces of it in opposite directions, causing it to malfunction.

"Dammit," said Jinx as she looked at the two mutants ready to attack the crowd.

Suddenly from the stage area, the third mutant in the gang made his presence known. David Welsh had the ability to change objects into a golden metal, thus giving him the name Midas. His body was covered in the metal now, giving him durability and a mean uppercut. He pushed aside the startled award presenter and began to fire on the crowd with a souped up golden machine gun.

"Death to the gene traitors," he screamed.

((OOC Note: I split the scene this way because it had been awhile since I posted part one. You can continue to play part one, just make sure that you don't change anything in relation to part two.I will be posting the student equivilant later. I would have posted it right away but I have to go to work soon.

ALSO: None of your characters were effected by the bomb. That was simply a plot device to rid the room of NPCs, since there are quite a few mutants at this event.))
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